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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what I made

It appears as though this is gonna be a weekly thing for me. It is good, though, because it gets me sewing each week so that I have something to share with you on Wednesdays AND so that I can stay motivated and sewing to boost inventory! I have a HUGE craft fair coming up in September and I want to make sure my shop is stocked!

This first one is the same old stuff I normally make (ruffled bibs and burpies) but I just LOOOOVE this fabric so much that it has become one of my favorite items ever listed! I love the gray (grey?) with the bright floral pattern. So untraditionally girly. I hope this one gets snatched up soon, or I may decide to keep it myself.
This one is another take on my pink ruffled set, but I did the more traditional fluffy ruffles rather than my preferred flat ruffles. I ruffled a tube of fabric though, so that in the wash this one wont fray. Pretty cute, I'd say.
This burpie stands all alone, but I adore this fabric! I have fun finding things that aren't normally thought of for baby use and making them into baby things. It makes it more special than something you can buy at Target or WalMart (though that stuff is very cute too!).

And lastly a handful of onesies that I need to add to the shop this afternoon. The goldfish bowl was such a hit I made another, slightly different version. I tried my hand at a dino, but it's a tad wonky, so it will be cheaper than normal. And my fave top this week, a hand tie dyed onesie. My first time with tie dye and I love it!
Next week I promise to show what I have been creating that is NEW. I get in ruts and have to force myself to step outside what I normally make!

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Mindi said...

I think the dino onesie turned out cute. I have been wanting to try some tie dying, but haven't yet, maybe when you come up we can make shirts for al of the kiddos.

burlap+blue said...

such cute stuff!! esp. love the goldfish bowl onesie...precious!

Danielle said...

you are so creative. I love it all--wish I had babies to buy for.