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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Throw Back Thursday

My Mom sent me a whole plethora of pictures from way back when. It was fun to see them, as some of them I have never seen before! Here is me getting what I think was my only perm as a child, unless my Mom subjected me to the torture more than once then I know this was in second grade. I remember wearing a hood over my head the first day back to school after I got it.
Here are the after affects on me. And that is my pretty sister, Sarah with her triangle hair, that we have learned through others was a popular look of the time!


Aunt Ruth said...

How cute my two gals are. There are a lot of pictures of you and Sarah that I have not seen that were taken when you were growing up. I have a few but not many.

Kelli said...

Ah, perms. I remember the first time I got one, I thought I was going to die from the fumes. I can't tell about the triangle hair, the background is too dark. Cute pics!

Ashley said...

I have had more perms than I can count. That's funny that you have a pic of you at the salon!