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Friday, January 11, 2008

Family Update: In Pictures

Stay tuned for more throwback Thursday/flashback Friday pictures If I get up the energy later today!

I wanted to post some old pictures but I realized I had a TON of recent "old" pictures and some new ones too that I hadn't shared! Things have been pretty hectic around here. Lots of new things starting with the new year.

Natalie has started a preschool that we both love. She has a book "DW's Guide to PreSchool" and she loves it so much, but her first preschool attempt was nothing like DW's school. This new one is very much so and it makes it more fun for Natalie. They actually have cubbys with her name on it, they do circle time, art projects every day, fun snacks, and they are even going to have a pajama day on the 31st! (I recognize that the previous sentence is all out of whack in terms of being parallel in structure, but I am too lazy to figure out how to change it! If you don't know what I am talking about, then just ignore me, LOL!) We are excited about that, and Natalie is excited because we told her she could get some new jammies!

Natalie in her new target dress.

While Natalie is at school Brady and I get some good quality time together, so far the 2 days we have had have been fun. It is nice to be able to play things with him and not worry about a certain "Princess" coming over and inadvertently domineering the play. He has been super sweet lately, but also still very much a pill. Or as the aforementioned "Mr. Trouble" shirt, which actually turned out to be a "Mr. Mischief" shirt which is a HUNDRED times more appropriate for my little guy, he is very curious! regardless, we have fun and it is good to get to know him on his own and not him under the influence of sissy.

Trying to get a picture of him in his new Mr. Mischief shirt, yeah right! Brady sit still? Never!

I have just been plodding along. I got new hours for work that should be more convenient to having to get up early to take Nat to school and be prepared to handle the kids when Keith leaves for early classes. I also started swapping again, and that has been fun to try and create.

Handmade for a "Beginner Stuffie Swap". We call him "Ock".

And Keith, well I would give a little update here, but he is a punk, and heaven forbid anyone know anything about his personal life. So we will just say he is alive! I guess that is all that matters anyway!

The other day we caught a glimpse of a fire in one of the garbage cans. We got to see the firemen pull up and extinguish it with their hoses. It was pretty cool for the kids, and who knew how much water it takes to put out even the smallest fires! They sprayed that thing FOREVER! Brady and his new haircut. This is part of what we did on our first Mommy/Brady outing. I took him to a cool haircutting place that is all sports themed, and they have Sports Center playing, Brady LOVED it of course! He sat SO still, and even let the lady gel his hair. He looked SO handsome, and he heard me say this so in the car for the rest of the morning he was saying "hansum boy. hansum boy." Of course I couldn't pay him to say it now.

Oh yeah, Brady likes to pull hair, especially poor Natalie's!

Natalie got book orders at school! Great for her, bad for me! I have a weakness for them and I HAVE to order from them. Luckily for me, they always have a few 95 cent books that I can pad my order with!I swear Brady is a good kid, LOL, but he is a B-O-Y! He likes to randomly throw things, and last night he tossed a block and it hit Nat right between the eyes! She started crying SO bad, I was working and it scared the crap out of me. She is better now and only has a red line on the bridge of her nose to show for it, but last night there was a huge (to me) bump on her sweet nose.And one last thing, Erin is a greeeat influence! She is teaching Natalie how to take "MySpace" pictures. Wonderful. Cute, but still!


Ashley said...

Cute pics, and by the way, my blog is always jacked up. I am so not up on things like I should be. So, what you see is what you get. Bad grammar, spelling, funky paragraphs, run on sentences, and all!!

Amber & Robby said...

Cute pictures!

Kelli said...

Loooove the picture of Natalie and Erin. Nothing wrong with branching out! LOL.

Shannon said...

Yeah, they took a bunch of cute ones, but honestly i think Erin looks weird in them and it would be too hard to crop her out! LOLOL

Aunt Ruth said...

Hey, Brady does not have his eyes closed in his picture. He is a cutie. An Natalie is sure growing up. Your kids are so cute. In fact my neices and great neices and nephew are all so cute! Oh yeah, I love my nephew-in-law(is that the proper saying?)

erratic elisa said...

So is Erin staying with you? Is she still interested in apt. rooming with my sister in Arl.?