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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A love letter

Sweet, sweet Target,

I love you! I know that we have had our ups and downs (like how you habitually refuse to stock cute clothes for weeks at a time), but today you have redeemed yourself. You are a fair weather friend for me I must say. I only let myself visit you when there is money in my pocket, and sometimes I am weak and I come to see you even if there is not. Today, while trying to kill a few hours until my wee one was finished with pre-school I found myself drawn to you. And, I am so glad I did! Of course, now that Christmas is over the shelves are restocked with goodies galore in every possible department! From my most favorite ever, The Global Bazaar, to the toys, where all sorts of new and inventive things to play with are to be found, to the children's clothes, where finally, FINALLY there are abundant cute things to be had! What a joyous day (granted I wasn't able to buy anything...yet! But I will SOON!) to browse and imagine all the sweet spring days to follow with my little ones dressed up most adorably! Like the "Mr. Trouble" shirt, that is coming home with me, in fact I may go get it tonight so that I can sleep instead of thinking about it! I knew they had Mr. Funny shirts due to the cuteness of Fynn, but Mr. Trouble, that is my Brady in a nutshell. And your sweet spring dresses of polka dots and flowers! Thank you for providing cute and affordable church clothes for a certain Princess I know of. Anywho, I digress, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you, for a new shopping season, thank you for all the things I need and many that I don't and most of all thank you for giving me something to look at when I get the itch to get out and it is too cold to go anywhere else!

Your faithful (broke) friend,



Julie said...

Are you telling me that they have some cute boy clothes in stock?! I must go tomorrow!

Shannon said...

Of course the cute girl stuff far outnumbers the boy stuff, but yes there are cute boy things! Lots of new stuff for the new shopping season!

SarahK said...

Which one are you going to? The one off Cooper, right? Cause the one over here off Carrier/20 had cute stuff LAST week...and viola! they're gone Today...totally not fair!

Mrs. L said...

Yeah, I'm a bit of a Target fan myself. There is one quite near my work. I can go at lunch. They have scrap stuff. Dangerous! The dollar spot? Scary.

Shannon said...

Oh goodness! The Target dollar spot could seriously cause me bankruptcy! And they have the cutest little scrap embellishments right now. It all seems like a good deal b/c each one is ONLY A DOLLAR! and then you buy 10 items and there ya go!

Ashley said...

Yes, I too spotted the Global Bazaar section, but I am broke too. Plus, I am not sure I could fit anymore stuff in my house. Maybe the next place.

Dijea said...

OMG, I love Target, or Super Target. But how do you get clothes to fit your kids, they either fit in the waist, but are about 3 inches too short, or fit in length and the waist is about 5 inches too big. I guess my boys are weird.