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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, since my kids went to bed at 8 and (grandpa)Keith went to bed at 10:30 here I sit all alone working and ringing in the new year. I hope you all had fun tonight (but not TOO much fun!). I decided that this year I want to make some serious resolutions, not just ones I will toss aside in a few weeks like regular exercise or eating salad every day (though I wish those were serious!). So here they are, a preliminary list of resolutions, we shall see how I do!

1. Get to the Temple at least once a month.
2. Have regular Family Home Evenings, I can't say the kids are too young anymore so I just need to get my rear in gear!
3. When frustrated with the kids, don't talk mean or yell (I admit I come from a family of screamers, I am not proud of it, but in the essence of the new year I will fess up to it). STAY CALM and talk as nice as possible!
4. Regular scripture study and family prayer.
5. Stop picking my lips! yeah, right!

Well, there ya go. Not spectacular or mind blowing, but hopefully some of these will help me to have a happier existence this year, less downs and more ups. We could all use a little help and I am hoping this will get me on the right path...especially the lip thing!


Julie said...

Happy New Year!!! and Good resolutions. :)

Josh and I (and the boys) just got back from the New Years Eve party at the church and now I'm too wound up to go to bed...

Shannon said...

Oh, i forgot they were doing that! Was it fun?

Aunt Ruth said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS. I just watched the TV and now I am going to bed to read. I hope the coming year brings you a lot of happiness and joy. Love to all of you. Aunt Ruth

Julie said...

It was fun. There weren't a lot of people there but there was lots of good food and we all played games and talked and the kids ran around and played. Then just before midnight we all went outside, counted down, yelled Happy New Year, and blew noisemakers. I'm hoping that they'll do something like it next year, too!

Ashley said...

Happy New Year to you too! I hope all your wishes and dreams for 2008come true!!!