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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another life lost

I was cruising the internets and I stumbled upon a sad bit of news. My H.S. celebrity crush, Brad Renfro, was found dead in his home on Tuesday (probably of a drug overdose). I swear I had some of these exact pictures on my wall in High School, I know I had the one of him in the coat. Anyway, just crazy how life treats the young and famous. He was 25. Different paths take you different places, and I am so grateful for the path I am on. It was a strange coincidence because I just thought of him the other day when Kelli mentioned her love of Ryan Gosling here.


Ashley said...

It is very sad. He was a good actor, but I made the mistake of reading Apt Pupil, and when they made the movie with him in it, I was thrown off. The book was very disturbing!! Anyway, still super sad. He was very young!

Julie said...

I read about this, too. Very sad.