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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One more thing...

...I forgot my most important resolution! The one I have been thinking about for the last 3 months or so. My number 1 goal:

Get to church EVERY week, even if I am tired after working till 3 (which makes a difference when church starts at 9am!). I find excuses too quickly of why not to go (again, something I am not proud of) and we are pretty bad at keeping the Sabbath truly holy in this house. We don't go shopping or anything, but that TV is on almost instantly after we walk in the door during football season. This is the cause of some tension in the house, but only because I am so torn! I want to watch the games, but I would also love for the tube to be off ALL DAY. So baby steps, I just want to get to church every week, and we will work on that TV! (maybe we can get some practice during the off season)


Mindi said...

Hey Shan, tell natalie thank you from Sierra, she loved her gifts. She was so excited to see Erin too. give me a call

Shannon said...

Hey!! I have been trying to call ALL day! I don't think I have your number?!?! Email it to me or call tomorrow and I will call you back!

Ashley said...

I have a loooong resolution list too. Now that I am going to be watching a newborn, I am not sure how much I will accomplish. How sad, I am already making excuses!