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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tomorrow is the day...

...I go private. So if there are any last minute lurkers out there, give me your addresses! I want to do it when I am full conscious, so tomorrow is the day. I have been feeling anxious to get it done, so there you have it! If any of you don't get the invite, then contact me (somehow) and I will invite you! Thanks all for reading!


Jared said...

Why did you go private again?

Shannon said...

Well, I am just going to try it out for awhile, but the main reason is because I feel like I can be more free with what I post. Any pictures of my kids I want, and any stories. I don't have to edit on the off chance that some freaky stranger happens across my blog and takes a liking to it. Which even typing that gives me the shivers.