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Friday, January 4, 2008

A new age...

...of kids with cell phones! When Natalie was little, barely over a year. We caught her walking around the house with her Winnie the Pooh binkie holder tucked into her shoulder like a phone just talking and laughing away. She would do this all the time, she would pace up and down the hall (of my most favorite apartment ever), just jibber jabbering away to herself, and laughing, oh the sweet laughing! She still does this to this day, now she talks to her friends and family...she even shushes us if she is talking and we are being too loud!
Then the other day we found Brady doing the same thing, except now we have "old"cell phones that he can play with. But it is still just as sweet! Just having a little conversation about apples and bananas!



Kelli said...

That's so funny. And just remember, they are imitating us when they do these things!

SarahK said...

Hehe...my thoughts exactly....talk on the phone much, Shannon? LOL. Or is it Keith??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's cute now. Just wait until you have to pay for their phones. Love. Dad :-)

Shannon said...

Oh yes, you are appreciated Dad! And we figure they walk and talk because we all have cordless phones, I remember playing with a phone as a kid but it had a cord attached to a base. I think they see that we pace and so they do the same thing. Are my kids the only ones that do this??