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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Picture Update

I was perusing through old pictures and I came across some that I hadn't ever had the opportunity to share.

In the afternoons(if they are good) and mornings the kids LOVE to watch PBS cartoons. Arthur is a favorite, and Curious George, we have also gotten back in the habit of watching Sesame Street for Brady's sake. they love to watch on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Which is so funny, because I remember loving to play on my parents bed! I think all kids love to do this I don't know why! Plus it makes a great trampoline!

Natalie got herself dressed from top to bottom, she was SO proud of herself and wanted to us to take a picture of her all dressed up. Not too shabby, note the shoes (sorry Lorraine, I kinda think they are an experiment gone wrong!)

Keith was watching the kids while I was napping and he said they were playing quietly in the bedroom, and then he realized it was a little too quiet. He went in and they were hopping from one toy bin to another with a nice pile of toys there on the side for someone (me) to clean up later. Good thing Keith had the presence of mind to take a picture first and get sorta mad later!

Yee Haw! Ride them couch cushions!

Snack time! Yummy! And Brady is really good at eating on his own now! So we are very excited about that, he has mastered both "poon" and "foke"!


SarahK said...

Those kids are cute! And creative!!

Danielle said...

i love th picture of them on the bed. they look so cute and cozy.

Ashley said...

My kids used to climb on the toy bins like that too. They used to say they were getting away from alligators!!?? I really love Natalie's hair, it's getting long. I also love the Wal-mart sticker on her hand!!

Kelli said...

What is it about Mommy & Daddy's bed that is cozier than anywhere else to watch TV?