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Monday, September 10, 2007


OK, so I can't really promise that I won't comment each week on the Cowboys game, but I HAD to do a post on last nights game because it was AWESOME and because I know half of you didn't watch it and the other half of you were watching Britney crash and burn on the VMA's (poor Britney, it sure is scary seeing what having too much, too fast in your life can do to a person).

Anywho, the Cowboys won their first season game AND it was a division game so that made the victory that much sweeter. I was working last night , so initially all I heard about the game was the "YES's" or the "OH NO's" coming from Keith in the living room. I finally got a chance to watch the game over the course of the day due to the magic that is DVR. As I was watching it I had to laugh because I could tell which parts of the game were the ones Keith had cheered or cringed for. Instead of going into all the details I will just put a small list of my favorite things about the game:

1. Jason Witten. He is my favorite player and has been for a few seasons, so it was cool to see him do so well.
2. Tony Romo's first rushing touchdown of his career.
3. T.O. showing us what he can do.
4. Sam Hurd (who isn't even a starter) making a final T.D. to put the final score at 45-35.

I tried to post some pictures from the game, but I couldn't figure it out. So click here to see some great highlights.


Missy said...

I agree, the game was so good! I was getting really nervous during the 4th quarter but John kept telling me not to worry and he was right! That touchdown by Hurd was amazing, especially for a rookie! I'm really excited for this team we have!

Though John and I both agree that Roy Williams is overrated...

Bryce said...

Shannon, do you have the football games rigged. It seems that you are always winning. Shouldn't the man dominate in this endeavor?

Shannon said...

hehe! I will not jinx myself by replying to that comment Bryce other than to say it is not rigged...and that maybe sometimes men over analyze instead of going with their gut! (plus I may just be awesome...oops! I commented!)

Aunt Ruth said...

Well my Niners won opening night (Monday night). So that is the first $10 in the pot. In October when Hockey starts I may have to cut it down to five per game. There are so many hockey games and not sure I will have the money to cover all the Sharks wins at $10 a pop. We shall see. I should be rich at the end of the season.

Mrs. L said...

Let's hope the Sharks win lots of games Mom!

Watched a bit of the 9er game while out with some friends but didn't see all of it.