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Friday, September 21, 2007

Craft Ladies

Because of the fact that I work 8 hour shifts in the middle of the night I have the tendency to get bored while sitting on my bum in front of the computer. To ward off boredom I have taken to "blog surfing", this consists of going from blog to blog by links that the authors have put on their sidebars. In my recent "travels" I have come across a bunch of these superly awesome crafty women! A few of them sell stuff on ETSY, and they all post about random crafts or neat new bits of material or things that they pick up. Anywho, I like reading their blogs, so I have linked some of my favorites under "other cool sites". I just thought I would give a little info on who the heck those people are! I have no idea, but they are creative and it inspires me to make more time for creating my own stuff!


Missy said...

You found that same Etsy site I found yesterday! It was from my niece Texas' blog and her friends the Langstrats, at least that's where I found them. I blog surf when I'm bored at work too. thankfully they don't track our internet time!

Etsy is a very cool site! I already came across a hundred things I want to buy!

Shannon Bowers said...

I know! I love ETSY, I heard about it from Kristy Pool, who was selling stuff on there at one point. I love everything on there! I am drooling over this handmade purse at the moment, but it is $36, not in my budget right now! :)

cassandra said...

tell me about this job. drop me an email or a myspace message. i'm interested. sillystupidpastime@gmail.com

Mrs. L said...

Etsy is dangerous! There are so many cool women (and some men) with crafts I want to buy.