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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

They think they are SO funny...

So Brady was supposed to be in bed sleeping, and after at least a half an hour of quiet we start to hear a little voice coming from the bedroom. Keith and I were like, what the heck! I totally though he was asleep. Little did I know he was in there having a grand old time, playing happily and trying to get undressed! HA! That shirt showed him! The funniest part was that I knew that Natalie had done this same thing awhile back. Sure enough I looked through my pictures, and what did I find! I even did the math and they are the SAME age in the pictures! Crazy!

Brady-19 months

Natalie-19 months


Mindi said...

that is so funny, they look so funny!

Mindi said...

I meant to write they look so cute, but I lost my train of thought

Shannon said...

hehe..you are so funny!

Aunt Ruth said...

Oh the stories I could tell about you when you were little and I lived in Grants Pass! But I won't. These kids are so adorable.