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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a new hair do...

At lunch I noticed that Brady had a horrible case of puffy bed head.

I got out the spray bottle and tamed it down. He looked so handsome!

Then he pulled the move that I know he will be doing for years to come...he messed it up!

I can just see him now as a little boy going to school mussing up the hair I so lovingly combed down. It truly brings tears to my eyes! I am such a sap I know, but he is growing up so fast!

And of course Natalie wanted to have her picture taken too!


Mindi said...

Brady looks like such a little gentleman with his hair combed down, deceiving isn't he.:)

Aunt Ruth said...

Natalie is so cute in this picture.

Danielle said...

We frequently have the same experiences with hair.