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Monday, September 24, 2007

Internet Swaps

Some of the blogs that I have started reading have mentioned "swaps". I finally found one that took me to a swap page so I could learn about what the heck they are. To give a brief summary what you do is find a swap that interests you and then you sign up and this website will issue you a partner. You then must fulfill the swap obligations by making a craft, or recipe, or even just filling out a postcard,(what ever the specific swap is about) and then send it to your partner. You in turn will receive something back in the mail from someone else. I think this sounds pretty fun, a great way to get cool mail (and who doesn't love mail!) so of course I signed up to give it a try. We will see if I like doing it. There is such a huge variety of swaps to choose from, they range from huge packages to postcards. The first one I signed up for is a matchbox decorating swap it seems simple enough for a beginner so we shall see! I will post a picture of my completed matchbox and then one of the one I receive when I have them. Here is a link to some completed matchboxes (this link goes to one of the creators of the swap-bot site so of course they are awesome and super cute).


Mrs. L said...

I used to do scrap swaps all the time. Right now I'm waiting for the "food" swap that goes about once or twice a year all over the world. You send a package of food items or local stuff to your swap partner and then someone else sends you a food package (could be from Taiwan, Germany, Kansas etc, you don't know until you get it).
Looking forward to seeing your matchboxes!

Kelli said...

I might try that sometime soon. But I have a list of things I want to do about twenty pages long. But it will be fun to see what you get!