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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things that make me smile

Nothing life changing has been going on around here, so I thought I would do another list.

1. Brady standing up in the bath tub, farting, and then sitting back down.
2. Making cookies with Natalie. (recipe in another post)
3. Keith and Natalie watching Star Wars together.
4. Brady rocking (and rocking and rocking and rocking) in my Grandma's chair.
5. Finding steals in the clearance section.
6. Natalie hitting that stage where she wants to wear a dress/skirt EVERY day.
7. Keith getting to play basketball again.
8. Good books (thanks Sarah!)
9. Brady laughing with glee when he sees his blankie.
10. My sister Erin really and truly coming to live with me!!


Ashley said...

Brady must not like the tickle the bubbles make on his back or buns!! On another note, you and your sister are gonna have a blast together. It's nice to have your sister close. When were looking for our first house, we lived with my parents and my sister Amy was a senior in high school. We had so much fun. Making cookies, watching TV, and she even rode around with me when Chloe had colic.

Shannon Bowers said...

you could look at it like that...or Brady is just a stinker and wanted to share his fart! hehe! Oh, and what cute buns they are, who doesn't love baby buns! And, I am seriously SO excited for Erin to come. It will be so nice to bond with her more now that we are both older and dont hate each other! :)