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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jail Time

Yesterday Brady was naughty *gasp* and he broke one of Natalie's little toys. So he ended up in a time out. I got some pretty funny pictures of him making his squinty face.

Behind bars!

I tried to catch him making the face on video, and instead I got the BEST little movie ever! I call it "B-O-Y". It is an instant classic, from the beginning "response" to my question to the ending "farewell" grunt, a little piece of work. We love our silly boy!



Kelli said...

What a sweetie pie! He's so cute.

Aunt Ruth said...

Do you put in him his crib for time outs? Be careful. As he gets older he will associate his crib for time outs and not want to go to bed!

Missy said...

See you didn't have to worry about him talking. All those words! Very cool... I'm just waiting for Ben's babbles to turn into coherent words!

Ashley said...

I used to put Chandler in his crib for timeouts too. I also have photos of the same exact squinty face. Of course that was about 13 years ago, before digital cameras. Gosh, I am old!!

Shannon Bowers said...

They always end up not being do much "time outs" as a way to get him out of my hair for a few seconds while I control a situation or just need a break! I always give him something to play with :) unless he is really naughty!

Mrs. L said...

Cute video. I'm surprised he doesn't already day "The Dallad Cowboys are the best football team in the world"....maybe in a few weeks? :)

Mrs. L said...

Whoops...looks like I lost a couple of "s's"...should be say and Dallas (or was I just using toddler speak?)