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Saturday, September 8, 2007


This is just too good not to share. Follow instructions, sit back, and let your heart go all aflutter! Click here.


SarahK said...

Ok, so I put my name in and said my problem was "I am Married" haha!
Peyton told me to tape the smallest guy to the goal post and call it a day...poor Aubree...
thats a hilarious link!

Mrs. L said...

Peyton says I need to go back a football cake to make myself feel better :)

Missy said...

Peyton says I need to stand next to some Linemen because they always make people feel skinny.

(the first option was "I can't stop eating" so I went with it!)

SarahK said...

thats funny Missy!!! and give that Lineman a hug, Im sure he needs it!

Shannon said...

haha Missy, that's the one I did! Wasn't it nice to here peyton speak your name everybody!