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Monday, September 24, 2007

More football ramblings...

So this week a wise man told me never to trust the Cardinals, the Browns, or the Lions. I should've listened as two of those teams cost me the Bowers Bowl this week. The only other game that Keith and I chose differently was the Bears v Cowboys game, and without fail if I pick against the Boys then they win (the last time I picked against them it was vs. the Colts and the Cowboys pulled out a win then too)! So needless to say I am not too horribly disappointed that I lost this week. What I saw/heard of the Cowboys game was pretty awesome. I have to watch the full thing today because I was working last night (this is the only downside of my job--thank goodness once again for DVR).

I love commercials, especially ones with Peyton Manning! I found another cool site with him. It is more football trivia, but even if you lose it is pretty cool. To get your butt kicked by Peyton click here. For old times sake click here. Ah, Peyton, oh how you make my heart go pitter pat!


Aunt Ruth said...

Well the Niners lost this Sunday. To Pittsburg. I have $20 in my pot already but I have had to decide to cut it down to $5 per win. With 80+ games of hockey during the season I can't afford $10 a pop for a win plus the football games. My Social Security check won't allow that. It will be pulling hairs to put in $5 a win. We will see how it goes.

Missy said...

Okay you HAVE to watch the game, it was so great! I mean, super super great!

I did start to get a little worried about the jinxing factor because the commentators were GUSHING about Romo (for good reason!) and GUSHING about T.O. (for good reason, too!) but I worry that they're going to jinx our season and make them go all Dallas Mavericks on us! I hope our Boys keep it up!

Mrs. L said...

I have yet to watch any football this year and hockey is already here! I'd put money in the pot like your Aunt Ruth but I already forked out money for season tickets so win or lose, I've already paid!