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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TV Talk

Yay for the new season! I was working last night so I wasn't able to watch my shows until this morning. As soon as Brady was down for a nap and Natalie was settled down with an activity I plopped my bum on the couch to settle in and begin watching. This mornings line up for me was How I Met Your Mother and Heroes.

I watched HIMYM first and was not disappointed! It was hilarious! I am so glad they didn't cancel the show. I was afraid they were after the season finale last year, but no they didn't and it was just as funny as always. I loved the beard shaving segment for those of you who watched.

Next up was Heroes. It was SOOOO good! I have to admit I have not seen every episode of this show that way I have of some of my other favorites (LOST, Grey's, Ugly Betty), but I started watching it after Mindi's recommendation. I am so glad I started. This is such a good show, it takes the place in my "sci-fi" genre of my long lost favorite X Files. It was a pretty good episode, but what through it into awesome was the ending!! I love those type of leave you on the edge of your seat endings!

I can't wait to see what the next of this week hold for me! I admit I am a TV junkie. Feel free to share your thoughts on your favorite shows too!

P.S. That guy that played the Japanese "hero", David Anders, well he was born and raised in my home town! Good old Grants Pass, Oregon. I only know of him, but my Grandma babysat him, and my sister knows him (and his family?). Anywho, I think this is pretty cool and I love when I see him in something new (he was in Alias).


Aunt Ruth said...

I am hooked on Dancing With the Stars. I have watched it since it started. Maybe it is because 1) I love to dance and always have and 2) I at one time wanted to be a professional dancer. Be that as it may dancing and musicals are always on the top of my list. I also am a Gray's Anatomy and Ugly Betty junkie. I like House and Bones.

Ashley said...

I am a tv junkie too. I loooove Ugly Betty. And Dancing with the Stars, which Kelli and I saw live. I think we need another dvr. All of my kids are in school now, so I don't feel as guilty watching my shows. Lord knows the minute they walk in the door, it is utter chaos. I deserve it.

Mindi said...

I loved Heroes last night, I'm glad you decided to start watching so we can chat about it. I have shows almost every night. Mon-Heroes, Tues-House, Wed-Americas Next Top Model, Thurs-GREYS(my fav), I think I even have a show on Fri ,but I cant remember.

Kelli said...

We are sooo excited for the Office to come back. Heroes is one I'll have to catch on DVD sometime.

Aunt Ruth said...

Oh, where did you see Daning live? I would love to see it live. Which stars did you see?

Ashley said...

We saw it in Dallas in June. We saw the Joey's (Fatone,Lawrence, McIntyre,)and Drew Lachey, and of course Julianne, Kym, Cheryl, Edyta, and several I've never heard of. It was fun and I would love to go again. My sis Kelli went in hubby's place as my son has a stomach bug.

Mrs. L said...

Well, if I said we have four Tivos in our house would I even have to say we're tv junkies? Saw Heros but haven't watched How I Met Your Mother yet. Maybe we'll get to that tonight (after CSI of course)