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Thursday, December 18, 2008

What the heck?

I started making Christmas presents MONTHS ago. I started making plans for Christmas presents MONTHS ago. I started writing down ideas for Christmas presents MONTHS ago. I started gathering materials for Christmas presents MONTHS ago. Then why are NONE of my presents for people outside this house done? Why? Because I am a procrastinator of the WORST kind (apparently I am also in the mood for caps lock). I really, really wanted this to be the year for sending presents to far off family that always sends us nice things. The year for stopping by friends houses with pretty packages of handmade, heartfelt gifts. Frack! It just ain't gonna happen. I am still working on those things, but I am thinking most of them will be Happy New Year gifts! LOL!

I am just not sure how December slipped through my grasp. Maybe it has something to do with all the boarders and visitors we have had. Yeah, I think I will take the easy way out and blame those boys, lol, since they can't defend themselves. It WAS pretty crowded/uninhabitable out in my craft room what with all the boxes and laundry and stinky socks (yet we still miss them, I have no idea why!). So anywho. Needless to say I am NOT ready for Christmas to be in less than a week. I have some serious work to do, but I gotta say there are worse things to be doing than making presents for people. I do so love Christmastime!


Jenny said...

Dude, JOIN the club! Last year I had all my treat bags handed out to all my friends. This year? Big fat nada.

Danielle said...

Uh, hello. Your husband just graduated law school, and you had tons of visitors--you deserve a vacation just for that. Don't worry, at least you know Christmas will come around next.

Anonymous said...

Good. Now we don't have to feel guilty when your presents are late! We were going to blame the snow. Love. Dad

Anonymous said...

They get there eventually. Thanks for my birthday present. It was only 5 months late. luv ya, mom

Mrs. L said...

Hey, I now have an excuse that your's are late. Seriously, with Keith graduating and family visiting, don't sweat that you are behind, you have good reasons.