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Friday, December 12, 2008


Today is such a big day I want to record my feelings. One day I will look back and this day will seem like a distant memory, but today it is what we have been gearing up for basically our whole marriage. It marks the end of one stage, and the beginning of another. I can't believe Keith is graduating. Starting in January he will be taking a BAR prep class, and that will be another stage in our lives, a blissfully short one, thank goodness. He will study, study, study like he has never studied before for 2 months. It seems crazy to me that by Natalie's birthday it will all be over and out of our hands.

I woke up with nervous stomach. As far back as I can remember I get giant butterflies in my stomach every time something new or different is about to happen. Today is no exception. I told Keith and he said he has them too! I think the fact that we are leaving our safety net of being "students" and heading out into the real world is getting to both Keith and I. I am so excited for what the future holds, hopefully good things!

Gah! Have I mentioned that Keith is GRADUATING today! From LAW SCHOOL?!? It's crazy that one of us had a dream, and is getting to complete it! One day it will be my turn to go back to school and get another degree, one that I can actually put to use! But today it is Keith's day. He did it!


Ashley said...

Wow, how scary and exciting! Congrats and good luck to Keith and your family!!

Kelli said...

Congratulations, guys! That really is huge.

Lori said...

Congrats Keith! That is a real accomplishment. Enjoy the celebration!

Jenny said...

I can't imagine all the feelings your having right now! How exciting. I wish you guys all the best! (It goes by so fast, doesn't it?)

Julie said...

Congratulations, for such a huge accomplishment. Kudos!

Bobette said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations!

Keithaniel said...

Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous!! Still doing the Happy Dance! Love your avatar and happy to see you have NOT lost your wonderful playful self in the world of Law! indigosd
forgot my google stuff so have to be anon :[