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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Natalie got a HUGE beyond HUGE rug burn on her face the other day. Of course she didn't notice it happening, and later that night I saw something funky on her face and touched it and it stung. I didn't really think anything of it and we headed to nap. When we woke up from naps Natalie's whole cheek was red. There was the center that was red and raw, and then the rest of her cheek was just RED. Cue me freaking out because there was something strange and raw and red and sticky seeming on her face! We couldn't figure out what it was, if it was a bite or something got on her skin and was burning her. I kept saying it looks like she got burned, and FINALLY we put together that Keith and the kids had been wrestling and dragging each other all over the house earlier that day. So it was a rug burn! Yikes!

Anywho, it has scabbed now, and she has a scab the size of a wonky quarter on her cheek, and I am so so so scared that it is going to leave a huge scar! How do I keep it from scarring? Any ideas? Will a rug burn even scar? I have never seen one this bad before. If it was her elbow I wouldn't care, but it is her precious little face! So far we are putting neosporin on it, and when it heals if is leaves a mark I will get some mederma for kids, but are there any other good ideas?


Ashley said...

I doubt it will leave a scar. But for sure neosporin is good but also let it dry out periodically (at least once a day) as well. She should be fine. If it does scar it will fade by the time she's older and can cover it with makeup.

Anonymous said...

Neosporin is your best bet, but it is very important that she not pick at the scab. You should cover it with some NONSTICK pads that cover the whole scabbed area. You can also get nonstick tape. She won't like it, but it will itch as it heals and she will want to scratch at it. If she picks any part of the scab off it will increase the chances of a scar. However, Ashley is right, chances of any significant scar are small. On the other hand, I understand completely. Hope this helps. Love. Dad

PS: You might also try looking on Web MD for suggestions. Oh! And tell Keith not to feel bad, because I'm sure he is. Just remind him of the story about your knees. :-)

Shellie said...

I got a rug burn on my knee about a year ago and I still have a little discoloration. So yeah put tons of neosporin on it and a non stick pad. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to follow Ashley's advice and let it dry out every day. But be sure Nat doesn't scratch. Love.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the tips guys! I feel much better now. We are putting neosporin, letting it dry, and she is under STRICK instruction not to scratch. It is getting smaller already, and will probably leave a reddish mark, but hopefully not too bad!