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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Christmas is a time of traditions. And I feel like every year I want to start more and more. One of my favorite Christmas activities is a newer tradition that I have gotten to participate in for the last 4 years. Our annual Relief Society ornament exchange! I have to say it is always so much fun. First you have the days leading up to the event where you search high and low for just the right ornament. One that at least ONE person will like, one that will be stolen (hopefully multiple times), and one that will go home with someone who loves it. Or maybe that is just what I do, not that I am competitive at all. No. Not me.

Anywho, I always have a blast. And last night was no exception. I got to sing lots and lots and LOTS of Christmas carols. I listened to a beautiful new song I had never heard before and LOVE. And I got to have lots of good conversations with some ladies whom I have never really gotten to talk to before or haven't gotten to talk to enough! So it is a un-traditional tradition, but it is one of my favorites. What are some of your favorite un-traditional traditions? I love learning new ideas!

I took five of these silver jingle bells as my ornament, and I loved them so much I got 2 for my own tree!
I came home with this peace sign that I love. I wasn't seeing anything I liked until this one. At one point I had a very, very nice Willow Tree nativity scene ornament, but I am really trying to collect ornaments for when I get to have just a color themed tree, and this one was perfect! My first choice!


Ashley said...

Some of our traditions are:
We try and do un-common food for Christmas dinner, like Mexican, seafood, or Chinese etc.

We give the kids a movie or CD as a gift Christmas Eve night. Helps distract them and gets them to sleep.

the two years we had a hot tub we all got in wearing bathing suits and Santa hats, which was a blast!

One thing that's a must. I put all the gifts from Santa in one of those giant bicycle bags, so as to discourage peeking... it works!

Cute ornaments by the way!

Kelli said...

I want my owl back...
Seriously, weren't the pickings kinda slim this year? The peace one is pretty, though.

Shannon said...

Aww! I will get you the owl, Seriously! What did you go home with? And yes I did the the quality of ornaments wasn't as good, I didn't like any till the Peace sign.

Julie said...

The silver jingle bells look very pretty on my tree :) The Peace sign and the owl were both really cute. There were some others that I also thought were cute, like some of the snowmen, they just weren't my style/didn't fit my tree. (I really liked the decorated silver ball that Wendy went home with).
The more I stare at the Peace ornament the more I think I need one, too. Do you know where it came from?

Shannon said...

The Peace one was from Kohl's of all places! And it is really, really cute! I mean, it is a peace sign for goodness sakes!

Kelli said...

No, don't buy the owl for me! Actually, I just went today and bought it. But you've done enough for me, thanks for the thought.

Mrs. L said...

I go to an annual Christmas Ornament exchange party too. Only about 11 of us but it's really fun.

At Grandma W's we have to have the "Christmas Ball" hung up. Mr. L and I always take the Sunday before Christmas to not go anywhere, not cook, just relax and watch Christmas movies. Christmas Day has to have new pj's, and there must be some citrus and nuts in the stockings for good luck (got that from Grandma D's side).