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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Graduation Pictures

Just a few more pictures for the family that couldn't come. The graduation was inside a very large Methodist church in downtown Fort Worth. It was very pretty inside.

Keith and the Dean.
Class photo.
Group shot. From left to right Keith's dad, Wayne, Michael, Jason, and Keith's Mom, Lorraine. All we needed was one more, but he is busy with finals.
Another good one of Keith where he doesn't look like he has a black eye, LOL!
Too bad I cut off Keith's head. Arg!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting some photos so that Matthew & I can be a little part of the celebration. The kiddo's are getting sooo big! I think Brady looks like you and Natalie like Keith and Lorraine. Waiting for Wayne to arrive home today. xo indigosd

Anonymous said...

Jason looks GREAT with the muscles! what happened to Keith's eye? I love Natalie's hair cut in that style and where is a photo of just you and Keith and the kids? Hint, hint! indigosd

Danielle said...

We so wish we all could have been, and we truly would have all flown down, but finals started last Thursday, and we couldn't take a long weekend, because Ryan had a huge test on Monday. But then school was cancelled because of the snow and ice we have--bummer. We thought about y'all that day and are so happy for you. I love the picture of Keith with the kids--what a great dad.