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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

Did December sneak up on anyone else? Or is it just me? I think it has something to do with the fact that Thanksgiving was so close to the end of the month this year...anywho. I can't believe it is already here! And I had such big plans to have a fun advent calendar this year! We have the traditional calendar style where you move the item from one day to the next, and I also have one that you put a tiny piece of candy in each drawer and you slowly get to gobble it up. But I really wanted to make a new one this year. I am bound and determined that it is not too late! With some hard work and plenty of man hours I still think I can get one going within the next few days.

Here are three of my favorites:

Soule Mama had this awesome one last year that I am still itching to make. There are also a million great ideas for small gifts too fill up the stockings in the comments.
Sarah actually found this one, and I am in love with it. The tutorial is here. I have almost all the supplies for this one, the trick is if I will have it made in time to use it for part of this season, or if it will have to wait till next year!

Salt and Chocolate, (who is constantly inspiring me!) just blogged about a fantastic idea of an advent village. With each day being a new piece for the little scene, mostly using things she already had around the house wrapped up like new, with a few new pieces thrown in. Such a fantastic idea, with a little planning I think I may try that when we have more space!


Ashley said...

Ooh it is sneaking up on all of us huh? I am seriously panicking thinking of all the stuff I have to do! Time for another list!!

Mrs. L said...

Snuck up on me too. A couple of years ago I picked up a cardboard advent thing at Starbucks. It came with candy but the whole thing was reusable and I pull it out every year. I also bought an inexpensive wood one at Target that has doors which I sometimes use. I put candy in for each day and a Christmas saying.

Danielle said...

I agree--where did November go? I love the canvas advent--if only I didn't need to sleep, I would totally do it. You will have to show us your finished product.

Bobette said...

Thanks for the great craft sites. I love these ideas. I too, can't believe that December is here already.

Julie said...

What cute idea's! I love all the little stockings.