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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas things that make me happy...

I've got lots and lots of lists in drafts, not sure if I want to publish all of them, but I do enjoy a good list. And I do enjoy happy things. So this one gets posted.

1. Singing along to Christmas songs in the car anytime we go anywhere, and more specifically having the kids ask me to turn it up when "Feliz Navidad" comes on the radio, and then having both of them continue to sing along. I am pretty sure Brady singing "Fleece Nadidad" is pretty much one of the cutest things ever.

2. Drinking lots and lots of hot cocoa. Yummy.

3. Taking one night to bundle up in jammies and drive around to see Christmas lights. We went to Interlochen (drive west on Randol Mill and you run right into it) on Wednesday night and it was way better than last year. The kids love love LOVED it and it's free! Woot!

4. Lots of fun mail, from Christmas cards to packages.

5. Pretty packages all wrapped up under the tree.

6. Watching the kids pick out presents for each other. They did so good this year, I can't wait for them to give them on Christmas morning. I hope they can keep them a secret that long!

7. Christmas crafting. I have so many pictures and things that the kids and I have made or Natalie has come home with from school. It's fun and we haven't even done anything really elaborate, just lots of foam sticker art and drawing, but they love it so much, and it really makes me happy!

8. Sleeping in. Not really a Christmas thing, but DANG! The kids have been sleeping in till at least 8 every morning, and it is really, really nice!

I am sure I will think of many more once I post this, too many good things right now! Not the worst thing in the world, that is for sure. Here's to wishing you all some happy, fun Christmas activities!

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Julie said...

Good list! We love driving around listening to Christmas music and looking at lights, too.