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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

I've been called out on my blog slacking ways. I never forget all you family that read this, and I am sorry I just haven't been able to force myself to sit here and blog about it all. I will start with Christmas day, but I have many other posts in the works. So if you're interested check back often in the next few days while I get it all down!

I was able to get one picture of the Christmas morning tree before my memory card filled up and I set my camera aside and forgot to unload the card until later in the morning. So no pictures of the unwrapping of the presents, video, but no pictures. Looks like Santa delivered! I see a Cinderella computer and a Thomas train under there!
Yep! Natalie got her Cinderella computer and even the gray pony that she asked Santa for. I don't think I need to tell you how excited she was! And she loves it, it isn't TOO hard or TOO easy, and she picked up how to do all the games on her own. Yay for learning!
You can also see some of Mom and Dads presents. I didn't take a loot shot of the goodies that Keith and I got, darn it! I like to have those for posterity sake, lol! But Keith had a very Cowboys Christmas. He got the History of the Cowboys DVD, Cowboys golf stuff, Cowboys nightlight, Cowboys lunchbox, and some other fun movies and candy and things. Oh! And the paver for the new stadium that says "The Bowers Fans Forever" on it. Coolest. Present. Ever! And a sweet set of 25th anniversary Phase 10 cards in a cool metallic case.

Mom got some movies, gift cards, kitchen things (tiny ramekins to make pot pies or molten lava cake), some great storage containers for my scrapbook stuff, and the best gift? An MP3 player! Yay! We can't afford anything too fancy, but Keith found this great Phillips one that is TINY, it fits in the palm of my hand and I love it! It has video capacity and can store pictures, and is probably the most high tech thing we own, other than the wii! He totally surprised me with that one.

Brady got lots and lots of Cars Megabloks. I like them because they are Cars and he has to create with them! Lots of building going on over here!

I forgot to take a picture of all the paper and fun chaos, but here is our living room for most of Christmas day! Nat loves that fairy woodland house!
Brady's loot. Books, Lego's, school bus from Natalie, Cars stuff, movies, etc. Fun stuff!
Natalie's loot (and Mommies scrap storage, minus the pony and the computer). Groovy girls, books, fairies and house, puzzle, dolly from Brady, coloring calendar, etc. Funny one of the most played with things is probably the little tic tac toe from the dollar section at Target. And one of my favorite things they got was from Aunt Danielle (& Co.), she sent each a nice book with a coordinating pillow case to match. I am totally stealing that idea!
It was a fun day, a little lonely without all the hustle and bustle of extended family, but nice in that it was just us, with no where to go, and nothing to do but play all day. I want to thank all the family that sent gifts, those were some of the best things under the tree because they were surprises to all of us!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear. Love.

Ashley said...

What a fun Christmas! I think Keith needs to give Jon some gift giving pointers.

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful family day. I was so relieved that the presents got there by Christmas--with our bad weather here I was worried you wouldn't have them. I'm glad you liked the books and pillowcases. The boys love the dinosaur book, and I love the book I gave Nat, hoping to get one myself, if we ever have a girl.

Shannon said...

Oh! We loved your gifts, and I have some for you guys that are finally boxed up, just need to get it to the post office! The blanket and magazine subscription rocks, and that blanket is a highly coveted blankie in our house already!