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Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have had some moments I had to capture in time floating around on my camera. Some things are just too fun to forget.

Brady is the typical boy. He loves tools, trucks, and storing things in his pockets.
Here was his haul the other night. All in the same pocket!
This is what happens around dinner time when you have been playing with the "big boys" all afternoon!
My friend from work had a birthday party for her son at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. It was really unexpectedly cool. The kids had a blast playing on all the airplane stuff, especially this one that they were able to get in and "fly". They also have a bounce house, a movie theater where they play Jay Jay, a tower they can climb up on. Lots of fun stuff.
This girl. She cracks me up. She isn't reading quite yet, but she loves to "read" all the time. Even when eating, she gets that from Keith and I, reading whenever we can steal a second!


Kristy said...

Very cute kids! I saw your post on my blog. We really do need to get together because I have tons of questions for you! You have so much going on right now with Keith graduating!

Mindi said...

Natalie "reading" is so cute. I love reading while I'm eating a bowl of cereal. Reece is in love with his pockets right now, if he can find them his hands are in them.

Jenny said...

that's the most important part! when your kids see you read for pleasure, they see that it's fun!

Julie said...

I love the toys in Brady's pockets. And Natalie is too cute reading her book while she is eating.

Ashley said...

What sweet pictures! Natalie reading reminds me of Chandler. HE always has a book or guitar (or food) in his hands!!

haleyhorrocks said...

I can't believe how old your kids are! It makes me feel old, thinking that someone my age has kids that old. Old, or maybe far behind. Ha! Like it's a race.

I think it's so funny to watch boys play with the little things they play with, and stick them in their pockets, and tinker around. Like little auto mechanics in training. And it's so cute that Natalie "reads" all the time!

Mrs. L said...

I love that last photo of Natalie where you can see her reflection in the mirror. Great shot!