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Saturday, December 20, 2008


...I did do:

1. Got a haircut.

2. Gathered supplies for gifts for local friends.

3. Made burp rags for and attended a baby shower.

4. Finished wrapping all wrapable gifts.

5. Cleaned my sun room. Smells MUCH better.

6. Kissed Keith for cleaning the kitchen and putting new weather stripping on the front door and cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the whole dang house and cleaning the kitchen and well, just being great! (Cheesy, I know, but he deserves some cheese for his feats this week!)

...I need to do before Christmas:

1. Go grocery shopping. Ugg. I got so excited about having only 4 mouths to feed again, that I forgot to buy more food for those mouths. So unless we want ramen for Christmas I need to brave the grocery stores.

2. Put together and deliver presents for local friends.

3. Find something CHEAP for Keith and my stockings so the kids don't think Santa forgot us! Whoops, kinda missed the ball on that one.

4. Make cookies to set out for Santa and figure out how Santa is going to get in our house. Natalie asked me about both of those things today, and since we have the fireplace all blocked off it wasn't an easy answer. I could take down the sheet, but I really really don't want to know what is back there. Anyone have any ideas on what to say that doesn't involve the uncovering of one years worth of dust and grime in our fireplace?

5. Work every night until after Christmas day. Kinda sucks, but the pay is good. :)

...I am not even trying to do before Christmas:

1. Mail faraway friends and family gifts before Christmas.

2. Mail Christmas cards. Ain't gonna happen.

3. Plan a huge, messy Christmas Eve dinner. We are thinking tortellini, zucchini, and french bread. Something yummy and easy to eat so we can all eat together in my bedroom while I work!

4. Scrub down the second bathroom. I just don't want too, and any mess will still be there after Christmas.

Oh how I love Christmastime! I really miss all my family, but the tension is starting to mount, and we are all getting so excited! Merry almost Christmas everyone!


Julie said...

We don't have a fireplace, so when our kids asked how Santa got in we did the parent thing and asked them how they thought he got in. Their response was that he came in through the front door, and we have just gone with that answer.

Kelli said...

Um.... Santa Claus never forgets anyone. And duh, he gets in by magic. Fireplace, front door, window, tub drain - it's all the same to him.

Mrs. L said...

I braved the grocery store yesterday and it was basically empty. The mall was empty last night when we went too. Weird...

Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail. Love. Dad

Danielle said...

We have friends who did not have a fireplace and they told their kids that they would have to leave Santa a key to the front door--underneath their welcome mat. (Now keep in mind, the key was some old key that did NOT go to their front door.) But the kids totally bought it. Jake has yet to ask us--I don't think he has thought hard enough about it.

Easy Christmas Eve dinners are wonderful. Our family eats Chinese food every year on Christmas Eve--so yummy. And then we have a big lunch/dinner with friends and fam on Chrsitmas Day.

Cheree said...

Hey Shannon . . . I’m catching up on my blog reading . . .
When I was younger, my Mom and I lived in an apartment with no fireplace. Santa had a magical key that worked for everyone’s house. He used it for places with no fireplaces as well as houses where there was a fire in the fireplace. It worked – he never forgot me. :-)