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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One more try. Maybe.

I just can't make a header that I love, it is kind of like your wedding dress. They say you buy the first one you try on. Well, the first header I made I loved (especially the white frame), but I want something different. The blue one was NOT for me. I think this one is a bit more my style, my favorite colors (actually this is the only kit I have ever PAID for), but I don't know! I know it is just a blog, but I look at it ALL the time and I want to like what I see!

I hit it on the first try, but the green was a bit too bright for me, but that frame is so perfect.
Ugg, I don't know why I can't stand this one. Bleh!


Mindi said...

I love this one, that background paper is awesome too.

Ashley said...

I agree, the background paper is awesome. Keep this one!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the green one. Love. Dad

Julie said...

Oh! I REALLY like this one! You've even inspired me to redo mine.