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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, I have been putting off scrapping actual photos because I am at a few activities with massive amounts of pictures, and I am lazy! So I decided to try my hand at making desktops! Here are two I made. I like them both a lot. I would love to make one for anyone that is interested! All I need are a few pictures to make them personalized!

For Sarah (I really like this one!):

Kit, Lets be Friends, by Tangie Baxter

For Kelli (I am not really thrilled with this one, but I wanted to complete at least one to send to her. I want to make something that has at least least one little critter/creature on it!):
Kit, Boyish Charm by Mira Designs


SarahK said...

Those are awesome! You have such a talent for this stuff!! :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH for mine, I love it!

Julie said...

These are so cute! Did you just type out the calendar part?

Shannon said...

I actually ended up creating a PNG file for the calendar part, it took a little time and effort to get it to line up the way i wanted it to be!

Kelli said...

Thanks, Shannon, it's cute!

Jennifer said...

Holy frickin cute Shannon! Can I have one? Hehe.. I know you don't know me.. Well kinda- Through sarah we do know each other? Hehe.. Anyway they are so cute!

Shannon said...

I would love to make you one :) email me some of your fave pics of your family, and I will whip up one for you, give me some fave colors too, and that will help!

kandsbowerz at hotmail dot com