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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Farewell Texas Stadium

Last week Keith told us that the Cowboys were having an open practice at Texas Stadium that was going to be FREE! Now, I have heard, through email and interviews, that a certain Mr. Jerry Jones never does anything for free, and it turns out that is pretty accurate. Last night was the first open practice at Texas Stadium in 17 years! Wow! Cool!

Keith had school till 5:30, and the gates were opening at 4:30, so we knew that if we even wanted a CHANCE of having a good seat that Natalie and I would have to go up early on our own and secure some good ones! After dropping Brady off at Sarah's (thanks a million, billion!) Natalie and I headed up to the stadium. We got super great parking and hit had me optimistic that we were there "early". Haha haha ha. No, once we rounded the corner looking for a gate that had a "short" line we were surprised by super long lines and lots and lots and LOTS of silver and blue! You can't help but get excited when you see all those fans! So we found our way to the line and after a short wait, a brief period of chaos when the line disappeared, and a tiny fibbing moment when I told the security guard that Natalie was on a strict diet (um, it didn't say ANYWHERE that we couldn't bring food into the stadium) we were in. Natalie held up pretty darn well for just having to sit there for 3 hours! She ate her snacks, watched the people, danced a little bit. We had fun waiting for Dad. The best part was realizing that we were sitting about 4 rows up from where we would have gotten drenched when the rain started! That was a nice bit of luck!

Anywho, after a while Keith got there and not too much later the official practice started. It was sweet to see the Cowboys doing their little drills and exercises and all the other stuff that gets them prepared for their games. Wade Phillips (the coach for all those not in the know ;) ) said that it helped their practice to see that many people show up. Well, glad we could help! LOL. It was loud and fun, and I wish we could do that more often!

WaitingThe little boy on the left kept staring at Natlie. She was not thrilled about that, and she kept hiding behind her little paper fan that the stadium had handed out to all of us. Oh! This girl was SO happy when Daddy got there! She was starting to get worried he would never show up!I think I need to get Keith some of those T.O. tights....just kidding! But, he sure was cracking me up in those! He was such a crowd pleaser, the man knows how to put on a show, and we love to watch him!Of course Tony was being a monkey and kept his helmet on most of the time. My camera started to get a little grainy because I was pushing my zoom to the limit on some of these pictures. Jason Witten, tight end. I swear that is his position title. ;) More Tony stretching.Best friends. I love how these guys are always talking out there, you can tell they are buds.
Jason Garrett and Jason Witten More Witten. Darn that zoom. I was pushing it to the limit! Oh, did I mention Jason is my boyfriend? Yeah, it's true.Roy Williams (38) and Greg Ellis (98). I could tell Keith was pretty stoked to get to see some of these guys close up and in action without all the gear on. Though I doubt he would admit it! He was grinning like a little kid! So fun! Natalie in her new "Future Cowboys Cheerleader" hat. Very trucker like, but it was the only pink one, and she insisted. Oh! Haha, so we are watching them practice, and all of a sudden on the other side of the field there is this guy running around, and then we notice all the guys in yellow starting to run after him, then the two "cops" got in on the chase. They finally got him to the ground and it was like a dog pile. Some of the crowd started chanting "Let him go! Let him go!" It was pretty darn funny.Well, we had a great time. And these are the things, I think, that create fun memories for us. We all had a good time and it was nice to enjoy the atmosphere of the old stadium before they start ripping it apart!

Oh, and honestly one of my favorite parts of the evening was the drive home after picking Brady up. He was so cute telling us all about what he did at Miss Sarah's house. He had a good laugh about falling off the couch. He said it was very, very, very, very funny. That cracked us all up! I love that little man!


Julie said...

How cool that you got to go see the Cowboys! Once they open the new stadium I'm determined to finally go to a game. Go Cowboys!!
(and the previous deleted message was mine. I didn't realize my sister was signed in instead of me.)

SarahK said...

You got some good pictures, there, girl! Who cares about a little fuzz...you got so up close and personal! I might even start to like football...haha...maybe. Ü

And ummm....he fell off the couch??? Whoops...sorry about that. I forgot to tell you that he somehow got smacked in the forehead! Maybe thats when it happened! Tough little boy....he DOES like to get hurt at my house! I did take some lovely pictures of him in the tiara Bella put on him!! LOL.
Glad you had fun!!

Mrs. L said...

Those photos are great! And yes, I've always been fond of tight ends (the football position, the football position!).

Lori said...

You've gotta post the tiara photo when Sarah gets it to you.
Too funny!