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Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Update

Yeah, I just noticed it has been FOREVER since I have posted pics of the kids. I have no idea why, I have been taking them, just not putting them up here. Well, today is your lucky day!

*Don't miss out on my other random posts from earlier today, I know this was a heavy blogging day, but I wanted to get these pictures up today!*

Waiting in line to throw a ball to try and dunk the Bishop at the Pioneer day activity. Playing at the city pool.One of our many "ideas" on how to keep Brady in his room at night, rather than coming out 20 times. He stood there for a good 10 minutes not saying anything, it was pretty humorous, in a stinkery kid way. Hard to get so mad when they look so cute!Natalie in her sick bed, when the kids had that weirdo 24 hour bug that included vomiting (woo hoo) and diarrhea (wheeee!). Lots of fun was had all around. Getting to take a rare bath all. by. himself. And loving it!


SarahK said...

Cute stuff! And the chairs blocking the way....hilarious! We parents have to be innovative! :)

Mrs. L said...

Cute photos! I'll have to download them for your Aunt's pandigi.