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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking it easy, sort of...

Not much has been going on these last few days. I have been working some extra hours for a lady, so that has kept us home bound for the weekend. I worked ALL DAY yesterday, that was craziness, I have never in my life worked ALL DAY before, not like that, but I did it, and I have to say I was pretty darn proud! Then after work the only excitement of the weekend began! I started making calls and a plan was worked out to get to see my friend Jenny that recently moved and had come back into town. We ended up going over to Sarah's house (even though she was working, SORRY Sarah!!) and chatting till about 11 I think? It was so much fun to be able to see Jenny and just catch up in PERSON instead of over blogs!

The other thing that has been keeping our attention this weekend has been the Olympics. The TV is basically on ALL. THE. TIME. and we watch whenever we can. Natalie has fallen in love with them too, which I adore! She even has fallen asleep to watching them the last 2 nights, and for naps today! She saw some men's gymnastics while I was gone, and told me this morning, "they did some really cool stuff". That made me laugh out loud for real, and of course the horses and the swimming she liked a lot too. Even though we had NO IDEA what the horses were actually supposed to be DOING!!! Anywho, we are having a great time watching them, and for right now cheering Michael Phelps on! And I think we get to see some gymnastics tonight! We have been following the TV schedule here (though you may need to change the zip code to where you live) and it has been very helpful.

Oh, and one other thing that I am not sure if I mentioned, I moved my computer into my bedroom. The combination of a sun room with no working AC and 100+ temperatures outside was not making for a very pleasant working environment. So now the sunroom is all neglected and lonely, so it is my goal to get that into a working craft room! We even got another pantry cupboard to store all of my crafts since the other one has been over run by puzzles, coloring books and all manner of tiny toys that Brady isn't supposed to get his hands on. I am excited to see how the room will turn out, once I get up the courage to get myself in there to clean it up! It is HOT in there!

Oh, and Brady has taken to calling us all resepctively, Daddykins, Mommykins, Sissykins, and Bradykins. Um, can you say cute?


Erin said...

very cute!!! i miss you all!! we have been watching the olympics too... i think nat will like the girls gymnastics that is going on today. hopefully she got a chance to see some of them. :)

Shannon said...

Oh! We did and she loved it. She fell asleep to them AGAIN tonight! Woo Hoo! Another fan in the making!

Mrs. L said...

Loving the Olympics, except here they end at midnight which keeps us up to late too!