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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday Fun

The kids and I have been cooped up lately and so I asked Keith for a good idea for something cheap to do, and he said Chuck E. Cheese. I think he said it a bit too loud, because the kids heard him so they got it in their heads we were going! After an early lunch we drove over there and it ended up being so fun! We didn't eat so it was pretty cheap, 10 bucks for 50 tokens, those lasted about an hour, and we came home with some cute prizes (thanks to mom who struck it rich on one of the straight play for tickets games).

The kids favorite ride was this small simulator that had a few different choices of "rides". They looked so hilarious on it! The little seat vibrated at one point and they were saying "ahhhhh" and their voices were vibrating, hard to describe, but you know what I mean!

Anywho, we had a fun time and it was nice to do something so out of the ordinary with the kids. Next time though I need to take Keith so I can win more tickets!! The kids weren't so impressed with the tickets, they sure were impressed when they got something fun to take home though! Natalie picked out a little headset microphone thing, so now she can be Hannah Montana (her idea, not mine) and Brady of course insisted on a sucker! He wasn't really getting that he could get TWO things, he was just a crying for that sucker! Good times and fun memories!


Jenny said...

Okay, we totally went on the simulator (all 4 of us) and it was a roller coaster. WE LOVED IT! Chuck E. Cheese Rocks!

Shannon said...

haha, yeah i wanted to take them on the big one, but some big kids were hogging it! punks!

Mindi said...

Sound like you guys had fun. Chuck E cheese is never fun for us, Sierra is too scared of Chuck, she clings to us and cries most of the time.

Shannon said...

LOLOL, yeah I didn't even go over to where the mouse is! Because I know Nat would have been freaking too! I like this one b/c the show part is kinda seperate and so you dont have to see the freaky mouse!