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Friday, August 1, 2008


...I REALLY want to buy So You Think You Can Dance tickets this weekend.

...This wonderfully crafty lady has gotten me started on my Christmas gift list this year. I am bound and determined to get gifts for the ones we love this year. The last few years we really haven't been able to do much, and still this year we will be tight, but I am thinking if I start now I can pull together some great, heartfelt and home made gifts this year! Wish me luck!

...My Cousin, Holly, had her first baby! A girl named Peyton Jean (which I adore!) and I need pictures (hint, hint)!! (but I am pretty sure my emails don't make it to my Aunt's inbox...maybe if you add me to your safe contacts list? So stinkin' frustrating!!)

...I am SO SAD at who got voted off SYTYCD this week, though I am not allowing myself to complain TOO much because I DIDN'T VOTE...idiot.

...I really, really, really miss my Mom.

...It is AUGUST?!?! Holy Cow! Where did the summer go, for reals! I can't believe it is August already, I am just not ready to come to grips with that fact!

...I have been blogging for over a year! Wow! That is crazy to me! I totally missed the actual anniversary (July 13th), but I am trying to come up with some fun thing to do a late anniversary/end of summer give-away. I just love sending gifts...

...When I can actually mail them ON TIME! I just sent my niece Kyra's birthday present to her...um, yeah her birthday? It is in March! And I just send Mindi's Sierra her birthday presents too, her birthday is in July so I wasn't TOO late on that one, but STILL! Get your act together Shannon!

...The Olympics start on Friday!! Yay! I love the Olympics, I think I got that from my Mom, we would always watch them, and I am so excited for this year. Too bad I am working, BUT we moved my computer into the bedroom (the sun room was a bit too hot in the 100+ degree weather!) so now I have a T.V. I can turn on!

Wow, that is a lot of things, but much easier than a million posts!


Julie said...

I was okay with the girl that they sent home last night but wish of the last two guys standing one stage that the other one would have been sent home. I tried voting last night but the line was busy. And after a couple hours I gave up.
I can't wait for the Olympics to start either! I'm so excited to watch them with my kids!

SarahK said...

I knew they would send Mark home, but wish they didnt have to, even though I love Twitch, too!! This season is SO hard!!
But yes...the girl decision was a bit off, too! Chelsea had so much talent!!
And...I SOOOO want to but tickets! They are quite pricey, but I think its totally worth it!!

Mrs. L said...

Uh Shannon, you know that being late with birthday and holiday stuff? It's hereditary...you probably got it from me!