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Friday, August 8, 2008

Wow! Amazing!

Wow, wow, wow! Who was privileged to see the opening ceremonies tonight? That was the most beautiful thing I maybe have ever seen on T.V. It brought me to tears. The work and the pride that went into that show. Wow! Nothing I can say, it was just beautiful. Stunning. Wow. I will try and post some clips tomorrow for those that missed it! Oh, and for those of you that did see it, my favorite was the blocks...with the guys inside!! Wow!!


Julie said...

We loved the blocks with the guys inside! (I think Kelly started woo-hoo'ing). I loved all the scroll stuff, too.

Erin said...

i teared up too! especially when i heard the story of the little boy... the reason he was there in the front was because he pulled a couple of his classmates out of the rubble when something happened to their school. and when asked why he went back inside again for another student... he said that its his job, because he is the hall monitor. how cute?! if you didnt catch that story definately look it up. very touching!