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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I don't care who you are...

...you look like and idiot with your bluetooth headset thingy in, walking around the store talking to whoever. You look like you are a crazy person, yes we ALL know you are on the phone, but you still look like a loony! Jabbing away to yourself. (no offense to those of you with these silly things. well maybe some offense, but none mean spirited!)

...if you are under the age of say, 70, you are too young to be blaring polka music in your car. Especially if you're under the age of 25, you're seat is waaaay back and you're driving in your pimped out Cadillac. You know what I am talking about.

...you would love to be sung to sleep by Michael Buble. (I also wouldn't mind if maybe he held my hand and stroked my hair while singing. Just sayin'.)

...kids (that you know and love) look adorable running around in their diapers. (This excludes kids that you DON'T know and love. Say for example kids at the local Wal Mart.)

...it's annoying to get halfway to the store and realize that you have left your list/coupons/sale adds/whatever-shopping-paraphernalia-you-use back at the house. Arg.

...you will agree that Texas is fricken hot. (Too hot in my opinion, but I won't get started on that!)

...electricity bill day sucks.


Kristy said...

Okay, I concur.

SarahK said...

Oh My...you are so right on all those points! Bluetooth people scare me...crazy loons. So do the people at WM, though today I was one of them (went after working out...all sweaty....trying to fit inÜ).
And it IS hot...but it was alot better today...and NEXT WEEK! Supposed to not even REACH 90! YAY!

Cheree said...

I agree too! But – I’ll modify the Bluetooth rant. You look like a DORK if you’re wearing one while not on the phone! (It’s okay if you’re actually on the phone – and yeah – you need to get one – especially useful while driving.)

Also, Walmart does have its own dresscode. You’re allowed to look as crappy as you want at Walmart.

Bonnie said...

I've thought that about the blue tooth headpieces for a long time. Especially when I worked retail and they were brand new and people would come through my line and start a conversation with me, but really they were talking on the phone...rude.

*I'm a born and bred Texan and even I'll agree that it gets WAY too hot here.

Jenny said...

I love lists. I cracked up ab0ut the bluetooth thing....I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have one of those - better than a pocket protector full of pens or hanging your phone/glasses/calculator/sliderul, or even all of them, off your belt, don't you think? Besides, mine looks cool, like I'm a spy or something. Think I'd have to pass on Michael Buble. Shakira maybe! Love. Dad

PS: One final dig at the Olypmic opening ceremony - did you know that part of the broadcast firworks display was faked by CGI?

Shannon said...

Dad, you are such a brat, funny yes, but still a brat! lol. but i may believe that one those fire works were amaza-zing!

And what do you mean LOOK like you are a spy... ;)

And yes, i have to admit the business "tool belt" as I like to call it is pretty bad too!

Mrs. L said...

Gotta love my Uncles humor :)

As for those crazy little phones on the ear, they work great when you are shopping for your mom and you forget what kind of milk you're supposed to pick up! (I don't use the phone in public places just to chat...gotta have a reason). And as for Wal-Mart? I think people that shop there are crazy!