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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Things

*Thanks to all for your good advice on bedtime. Again it is so nice to know I am not the only one that has struggles!*

I feel like I have been only posting blah and negative things lately. Though it may not seem like it, life has been pretty good here in the Bowers house. We do have our struggles, but I make an effort every day to remember good things, no matter how small, in my every day life. Here are a few things that have been bringing small smiles to my face in the last week.

1. Brady has developed a small stutter when beginning his sentences. Now I know that may not seem like a good thing, but I researched online and it is actually very common in kids his age and it will go away. So for now we just chuckle and enjoy the cuteness.

2. School clothes shopping with Natalie (with a full separate post including pictures to follow soon!). This was one of the funnest nights we have had in a long time, and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition!

3. Having some nights off to spend with the family, including being able to tuck my kids in, cook dinner for the family and just be a lazy bum and watch TV!

4. Finding a great smelling laundry detergent, that I can afford! I love Tide, but it is so expensive so I have been experimenting with different detergents and I settled on Gain Island Fresh powder. It is way cheaper than Tide and the powder is cheaper still, and it makes our clothes and house smell SO GOOD! I have been doing laundry all weekend and I have been so tempted to jump into the clean piles like the lady from the commercial!

5. Break and bake cookies. Yum. This time we got the Tollhouse Ultimates chocolate chip lovers kind. Oh. My. Goodness. They were SOOOO good, I had to contain myself not to eat all of them! Seriously, try them, you will not be disappointed.

6. Keith hanging up all that laundry I washed, as I type this!

7. Natalie and Brady letting us sleep in, in the mornings. They won't go to bed, but at least now in the mornings they get up and will play quietly so that Keith and I can snag a few extra minutes. I don't know what I enjoy more, laying it bed a little longer, or hearing their little whispers of "shh, be quiet" and "don't wake up momma".

8. Always having something to watch on the tube. I am going to miss the Olympics!

There are always so many more that I will think of once I post this, but isn't that great? Too many good things to write about! Man I really needed that! To actually write down the positive, no matter how small or silly. What are some of your good things?


Mindi said...

It's always important to focus on the positives, even if it's hard sometimes.

Mrs. L said...

A good thing right now is that we have our patio clean and some plants in it. Makes a real nice getaway after work to unwind and read a magazine and BBQ. Also my cats purr...I love that she's still well enough to cuddle with me for our reading time before I go to bed at night.