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Saturday, June 14, 2008

poor sick baby

Today I picked up some extra hours for a friend at work so I am working from 10am-4pm. We were worried that this would be tricky to keep the kids semi-quiet while I am working so Keith bravely offered to take them on a field trip to the California Lane water park thing. The kids had a BLAST of course running through the water and getting SOAKED. Keith said they were hesitant at first, but then once they got started it was all good fun. Anywho, they came home pooped as was to be expected, but Brady was being the CUTEST thing ever! He was talking and acting over the top sweet and after finishing his lunch (which consisted of 2 sips of milk and 3 apple slices from his Happy Meal) he went right over to the couch and curled up in his towel. Then after a bit he rolled over and began "reading" this paper. He seriously stayed there doing this for a good 5 minutes (which is a long time in Brady land!). He was being SO tender my heart was breaking! The poor guy was burning up, and we figured he wasn't feeling well, but later he cried for a tummy ache so the poor guy is sick! If only they were this sweet when they were well too! LOL!
The paper in question, Thomas stickers of course! California Lane park. The part on the right is like a little fountain park with misters and sprayers and such. It is a GREAT little place, and the best part is that it is FREE!


Mindi said...

Wow that park looks really awesome. i wish we had something near by, but there's no parks at all in our housing development. Poor Brady, even by just the look in his eyes you can see he doesn't feel too good. Call me.

SarahK said...

We went there once last year when Aube was a baby...and Bella decided to take her swimsuit off and play in her swim-diaper...it was FUUUUN, let me tell you! Im hoping when we go for playgroup she passes on the strip show!

Julie said...

I hope he's feeling better and you guys can still come to the park on Monday for playgroup. That park is SO MUCH FUN!

Ashley said...

Hope he feels better soon. We have one of those freebie water parks by us, fun huh? And free!!!!

Jenny said...

WOW, that kiddo has some blue eyes!

Kelli said...

Ah, poor baby, but he IS cute! I'm interested to go to the water park for the playgroup. I couldn't go today because I was standing in line for over an hour, but oh well. Next time!