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Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Wrap Up and a movie review

I tried very hard to make Father's Day special this year for Keith. The kids and I took him for lunch on Monday of last week, then I surprised him with lunch on Friday. And we wanted to do something fun this weekend. I ended up working during the day, but we decided to brave a movie with Brady on Saturday night. We knew Natalie would be good, but had no idea how Brady would act. So with my purse filled with Ziploc bags of popcorn and one ginormous water bottle we headed off to see Kung Fu Panda. It would take too long to explain the whole ordeal, but long story short. Keith and I had to take turns going out with Brady because the movie was too loud or too scary or whatever other reasons made him start so say "Wanna go down der" in a loudish (but not SUPER loud) toddler voice. So I missed the first part of the movie trying to convince Brady to go back in, and Keith missed parts of the middle, and then I missed all of the end taking Brady out. The poor guy just didn't like the dark and the loudness and all the people, it made for a not too good combination. Natalie on the other hand did awesome! She laughed, and she even teared up for one emotional part, which I thought was so sweet! She leaned over and said, Mommy I am crying a little bit! She is becoming a movie crier just like her Momma! The parts of the movie that I saw were very good and Keith and I compared notes and decided it was good enough to own. The action was good, the story was funny, and most importantly we ALL liked it! Even Brady liked the parts he stayed in the theater for. It wasn't you typical movie going experience, but it was fun. I was able to take Brady on the Carousel and he loved that. He kept saying Giddy Up and Wheeee! Overall a fun, and very interesting, family night!

Then on Sunday we all slept in a bit due to the fact that the children decided to play musical beds. But, I was still able to prepare a breakfast feast for Keith, and that was fun and yummy. Then after a relatively smooth Sabbath (hurrah! normally Sunday's are the most fightingest of days for us) we ate a good dinner and then sat down to a family activity that I KNEW was going to be fun AND stressful!

We made sugar cookies! When Grandma Lori came to visit she brought this super cool sugar cookie "play doh"! It came in 4 colors and we all just dug in and started making creations. It was greasy and messy and a whole lot of fun. I realized after that I should have video taped it rather than trying to catch the sweetness on camera, but you live and learn!

Ready to play!
Brady was tentative at first, but after watching Sissy he got the hang of it pretty quick! Keith was the master cookie creator! He came up with the funnies things! Baby hands...
Brady with his mouth full of blue dough! Once we let him try it, it was pretty much all he wanted to do...EAT THAT DOUGH! She was concentrating SO hard! I just wish the pictures would have turned out, I am still trying to figure out how to NOT use the flash, I loved the natural lighting, but it was making pictures difficult for a novice like me! Here are some of our favorite cookies. We all had one before bed, and Keith said it best "tastes like fingers!" They were good, but you could tell some of them had been worked, and worked, and worked on! Still fun, and very worth it! Thanks Grandma Lori for the great idea, and sorry you weren't able to play too!


LCFrohm said...

So where did Grandma get the cookie dough? Share share!
Looks super cute! I think my boys would love it. I mean they love to eat regular play dough. I can only imagine what would happen if they were sugar cookies.

SarahK said...

Aww! Those cookies look like fun!
James and Bella went on a Daddy-daughter date to see Kung Fu Panda on Saturday, too! Bella keeps asking to go back to the "big TV"! I always wonder WHEN they are old enough to sit thru movies...I guess by trial and error, right?

Shannon said...

The cookie dough is by David's Cookies, I am pretty sure you can buy it online, haven't seen it in stores! And yes, we tried and TRIED to push the "big TV" worked for Nat, not for Brady!

Julie said...

That "play doh" looks awesome!!
Hey, some of the movie theatres have free movies during the summer. That's where I started taking my boys to movies, because it didn't cost me anything if we had to leave early! I'll find more info on it and maybe we can go to some!

Niki said...

You are welcome to come join us quilters on my new just us quilters blog. Get listed! http://justusquilters.blogspot.com/
We'd love 2 have you. Hugs! Niki

Lori said...

The cookies, are indeed, David's cookies, but I didn't find them online. I purchases them through a friend's child's "buy this to raise money for the school" fundraiser.
Grandma Lori

Mrs. L said...

Oh man, I want Grandma Lori to bring me cookie dough to play with :)

We hope to take your Aunt to see Kung Fu Panda in a couple of weeks. Looks like fun for us "big kids".

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. What great memories you are creating for your kids!