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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hurrah for good deals!

OK, now we are supposed to be pinching pennies right now because there seem to be a MILLION things that we have to spend money on coming up in the next month or so. But today I went to Target and found some great deals on important stuff! I was so excited, and I thought I would pass the savings on to you! In their seasonal section (where they have the Christmas, Halloween, whatever stuff) right now they have a ton of household items sold in bulk for some pretty good prices. If you compare to the normal packages in the main store it ends up being about the same as buy 2 get one free, which is pretty good considering that things like toothpaste, and deodorant rarely go on sale, and if you are not a coupon person you just end up paying full price when you finally run out (that would be me). So if you are in need of toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, sandwich bags, laudry soap, etc. check out Target when you get the chance!

Also, a few weeks ago Haley (a friend from church for those of you not from around here) took me to a magical place...the Mrs. Baird's bakery outlet!! I will never buy bread again from the supermarket! We went today and I got a package of Thomas plain bagels, a bag of 12 Thomas mini bagels, and 3 loaves of OroWeat bread for $5.50. Now that is a steal! That bread is expensive, but it is SO good for you so I normally splurge on it! And it was 4 for $4! If any of you haven't found this place yet, it is on the SW corner of Arkansas and Collins in kind of a weird strip mall thing. It looks shady, but inside it is nice and clean and full of wonderful deals! Happy shopping!


Ashley said...

What no cupcakes?

elisa said...

Hi Shannon! I live about 2 minutes from there, come visit me when you shop there, if you can!