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Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick pick me up

Always, always, always keep Nesquik in the house. Makes me happy every time! (also makes me sick if I use too much chocolate...but SO worth it!)


LCFrohm said...

I love me some chocolate milk, too!
But I like it with Hershey's syrup.
And I love the cups! We have them too!

Anonymous said...

It isn't in the book. . . .

Mubeen said...

LOL....That's the ONLY way Madyson will drink her milk, unfortunately.

Ashley said...

Hayden used to drink that Quik stuff by the pound. He breastfed for 18 months then went on to Quik til he was 4!!! I finally got him weaned off chocolate, now he's addicted to Strawberry. With a straw only! And he's almost 7!!!