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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little life list

I haven't really taken much time to sit down to the computer and share my thoughts lately. I have been trying very hard to spend more time with the kids, and so it makes me feel so guilty when i use the computer if I am not working. The other day the kids and I were all sitting around making messes and I started thinking about where we were last year. And that got me thinking about where we will be next year. I got scared! Lots and lots of changes in the Bowers house in the up coming year. I am excited and nervous for how different (maybe) our lives will be in just 12 short months!

1. Keith will have graduated Law School on December 12.
2. Keith will have taken the BAR.
3. Keith will have his BAR results back (AHHHH!!!) and pending that will hopefully have a "real" job!
4. Natalie will be 5 and preparing to start Kindergarten in a few months.
5. Brady will be 3 and getting ready for preschool.
6. Mommy will be 26 and getting ready for at least 2 small periods a week of time ALL. BY. HERSELF.
7. We WILL be in a house, either rental or buying.
8. We may have a van (*fingers crossed*).
9. Mommy will be 30 pounds lighter!
10. Moore family reunion, all of Keith's wild and crazy family together in one place! Fun!

It will be fun to see these things happening, but this just pounds home the point that I need to enjoy NOW because it is so fleeting, and that life changes so quickly!


Jenny said...

Isn't it insane? 12 months go by VERY FAST when you're still at the beginning stages of life and family...ESPECIALLY when you have little guys at home. (I can't believe they'll be turning 5!!)

SarahK said...

Ahhh...the growth that happens when spouses FINALLY graduate from college. A wonderful time...and so many changes.
There are plenty of houses for rent/sale in the GP 1st ward (wink, wink) we need more primary children!

Kelli said...

It's nice to have it all laid out, though, huh? Even though it is a little overwhelming and scary. It'll be good to see it all take place.