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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bowers First Ranger's Game (Monday Part 2)

After our trip to the Aquarium it was back home for naps so that we could stay up late to go to the Ranger's game! We have been wanting to go for so long, and Bryce came up with the idea to get a group of us together so we could by discounted tickets at only 3 bucks a piece. It ended up being the Kirchmanns, Taylors, Grundbergs, Grimmetts, Saunders, and us, what a crowd! It worked out well, and the game was SO fun! I love the atmosphere of stadiums and games like that and as soon as I walked in I told Keith maybe I could become a Ranger's fan so that we could come to games more! The stadium is so cool, lots to look at and do. I tried to get a bunch of pictures, but of course I didn't get as many as I wanted, and NONE of Brady watching the game. It was fun for Natalie to be able to play on her own away from Mommy (thanks again Kelli for keeping an eye on her!...and feeding her too!) and she really impressed me with her attitude, she never once got tired or cranky and didn't even cry when we had to go! Poor Keith took it upon himself to take care of cranky Brady! He is entering a new stage that we haven't quite gotten the hang of yet so he was a bit difficult. But he did sweet things too, like hanging on my neck for hugs, and coming down with Momma to check out the games they have set up for kids to play. I think we will definitely go again, if not with a huge group (which needs to happen again FOR SURE!!) at least with our little family. I want to see more of the GAME next time! LOL
Aube was being sooooo cute! Even when cranky! ;)
Natalie loves her some popcorn! She ate most of Missy's and then worked on Sarah's after they left!!
Just scratchin' ;) no pickin' here, we promise!

My one obligatory game shot. I need to work out the continual shot thing, because that would have been really cool!
Sweaty and full of other peoples food...
I love this picture SOOOO much. Stevie is thrilled and Jenny is just too stinkin' cute!
Tender moment.
My seriously ONE shot of Brady! How sad is that?
Natalie really loved the T Ball! I forget how fun that is for kids!
Brady cracked me up, after two handing the bat the first time, he held it with one hand on his last tries and just bumped the ball off the tee. At least he had fun!

For more wonderful pictures of the game and festivities check out Missy's post here.


SarahK said...

Look at you! Getting some super-sweet shots...you can bet I'll be stealing these for the scrapbook! Awesome job!

Julie said...

Brady is so cute holding the bat with one hand.

SarahK said...

I have one of you and Brady! I'll make sure to send it to you!

Danielle said...

It looks like a ton of fun, and your pictures were very cute. Natalie is just getting so grown up.