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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Copy Cat

OK, so Jenny first had the great idea of making a separate blog to showcase her pages and I realized that is what I need to do too so I don't clog up this blog with all my pages! I am trying so hard to do a page a day so that I can get through these pictures and maybe one day get caught up! So if you do like to look at that stuff I will keep the new button on the right updated and all you have to do to go to my new blog is click on the picture, pretty cool!


Mrs. L said...

Repeat after me...you will never be caught up and THAT'S OK! Seriously, it's not about catching up but catching the stories. Loving what you are doing with the digi stuff (something I haven't even tried yet).

Bonnie said...

My list of blogs I subscribe to is growing exponentially! I'm so glad you are having more success with PSE6 now. I'll see if I can mess around with my friend's program to see if the opaque background on stickers and embellishments is a common problem.