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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some sweetness

It has been really windy tonight and the kids get a little scared because of the sound and the idea that a storm is coming. Keith had gotten the kids all settled and in bed and was ready to relax. A few minutes later Natalie comes out and says in a sleepy voice, "Brady is pushing me off of my bed." We are thinking, "what???". So, Keith goes in to check it out and who do we find all nestled and snuggled down in Natalie's covers but a little monkey boy by the name of Brady! He had crawled out of bed and climbed over Natalie (so he could have the inside!) and was just in there snoozing away. When Keith told him to get back in his own bed he could only muster his little "hmmm". I am sorry but that is just funny! Too bad he didn't get a picture! I love that he knew he would probably get busted for coming out to us, so he went to Natalie for comfort, so cute!


Jenny said...

What a doll! So sweet that he was cuddling with his sister for comfort!

Kelli said...

I love it when it's windy like that, but understand how it can be scary. That's so sweet he'd gone to her for comfort. Very cute.