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Thursday, August 2, 2007


That is the sweetest word I have ever heard when it comes out of the mouth of a freshly speaking child! Brady has finally decided to really give this talking thing a try. On Sunday he really began recognizing that "mama" is talking about me. Now maybe this is really slow and he is behind, but i don't care! You should hear how sweet he sounds when he says it. I want to melt. I think if my kids knew the effect of their cuteness on me they would milk it so much more. I want to give him anything he wants when he says that one little word and looks at me with his big blue eyes. Now this is not to say that he does not still get confused. He often points at himself and says "mama", or pokes Keith in the arm and says "mama,", but I still like to think that deep down he knows that I am "mama". This one word has opened the gates of language for Brady. He is trying to say every little word we say. I am very excited, I really thought we were going to have a problem with his speech, but it seems like everything may work out with plenty of practice and prodding from me and Keith.

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SarahK said...

SWEET!! The words will come tumbling out now! I hope your move is going good....well...on Saturday that is :). Wish we were there to help ya! Thanks for your email...I do feel better, I dont know what it was..some 24 hr bug or something...no fun :(!