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Friday, August 10, 2007


So, we were supposed to move last Saturday and then we had a whole bunch of activities to do while Jason was in town hanging around until the game Thursday night. Most of those plans got cancelled, but we still found time to go to the water park. We had SO MUCH FUN! I am glad that we went there instead of Hurricane Harbor (thanks Rhea!) because NRH2O is smaller and it made it easier for us to have a place to have our stuff at a central location so we could split up and meet together easier.

Anyways, when we first got there Natalie was dead scared of the water. I think it might have stemmed from the fact that her first experience on the water park was having the giant bucket of water in Frogstein's Splashatory dump on her and Jason as soon as they started to go up. She was not expecting that and it really freaked her out. For the next 45 minutes or so it was a challenge to get her to even wade in the water. All she wanted to do was rest and "watch the other kids", this was fine with me because luckily I brought a book. So while she and I rested Keith took Brady out and all Brady wanted to do was walk on the hot cement (weirdo).

After a while I took a turn on a water slide with Erin while Keith and Jason watched the babies. Some how through the magic of being the cool uncle, Jason got Natalie back into the water. She ended up having a great time and even went down some of the small water slides that they have for kids. Brady even ended up going down slides with Daddy. He had to keep up with his big sister. He was so well behaved and never cried, I almost didn't recognize him without the screaming and grunting!
Natalie actually had so much fun that when it came time to go home (Keith sacrificed and said he would go home early with the kids b/c his noggin had already had too much sun) she cried all through getting dressed, being carried to the car, being put in the car, and for about 5 minutes of the drive, until she passed out asleep. We will for sure be going back!

The best part was that we all took home souvenirs...sunburns! Every single one of us has a sunburn. Even the babies got some weird quarter sized sunburns where the sleeves of their swimsuits ended. Keith's is the best...he put sunscreen on his face and I sprayed his head, but we missed a 3 inch stripe right across the top of his head. It is so funny looking! We are all hoping that we heal before we have to go to church. Especially me because I look like I have a ripe tomato for a head (note to self 20 spf face lotion not so good for being in the sun for 6 hours!). I think Erin, Jason and I got our burns from floating down the lazy river. We were too lazy to do slides so we just sat in the sun and baked!

Oh well, we a had a great time and I encourage everyone to go. The price was not too bad, because if you take a can of Dr. Pepper they take $4 off admission. Over all a very fun day!

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